Which mouses to purchase if you are a game lover

In a nutshell, this design is a suitable choice for RGBs, which is both ergonomic and comes with RGB lighting. Nevertheless, it is only suitable for users who use their right hand.

Corsair Harpoon Wireless Gaming Mouse

Corsair releases a gaming mouse to users’ desk without the need of cables. As usual, a cable is highly recommended to be a positive option for gaming because the lag which often follows the wireless connection can be a big annoying disadvantage. However, Corsair claimed that its product can deliver a lag-free wireless gaming mouse with its Slip Stream technology that also reaches a super-fast connection speed, at just 1ms. Gamers are able to enjoy playing for up to 60 hours after every charge before they need to recharge. The Harpoon is a truly ideal wireless gaming mouse on the current market.

Also, you are able to plug the mouse in and use it as other wired options thanks to the standard USB cable. In other words, in the event of running out of battery, you still do not need to stop playing. The device can be linked wirelessly with the equipped USB adapter or Bluetooth. The USB adapter is considered to be better as it produces less lag than Bluetooth.

Utech Smart Venus Gaming Mouse

If you are a fan of such games as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy or any RPGs, you may hope to get a mouse as this Utech Smart Venus gaming mouse. This is an ideal choice for games with a lot of button options as it comes with 12 programmable side-buttons in order to personalize your preferences using the integrated software. The ability to customize can be done so easily with Venus because a collection of adjustable weights is also integrated so that users can opt how heavy their mouse would be when being utilized. As a result, they will feel more comfortable while playing games even for long hours.

Moreover, there is a laser sensor offering consistent tracking and being able to work up to 16400 DPI, capturing even the fastest hand movements effectively.


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