Which Is Better: Treadmill or Rowing Machine?

Most people ask this question so that they can get to understand which pair of exercise equipment that they can use. Even though it may be tough to decide when comparing rowing machine vs. treadmill, however through various tests, you will decide which one is a winner.

Most athletes get overwhelmed by various fitness machines that are available in the market. Rowing machines and treadmills are acclaimed globally as the most efficient machines for exercise. While both devices have their own merits, not everybody who can afford to invest in both of them at the same time. So to help you choose between the here are their pros and cons

Rowing Machines

Muscle Groups Worked and number of calories burned

Rowing machines are recognized as being the best fat burning machines in the market. They are, therefore, among the rare machines that give full-body workouts while drawing energy from all body muscle groups. Rowing machines lift your feet off the floor and level them in the body, thus taking the weight off your joints and knees. Hence this makes it the perfect equipment for old and obese people as it protects your body from wear and tear.

With rowing machines, you are likely to burn 900 calories on high intensity. It is also easy to operate even if you are not used to the fitness equipment. Models, for instance, concept two models come with extra amenities such as handlebars and textures for more comfort. On the contrary, rowers are a bit more expensive than treadmills which are therefore problematic with people with a limited budget


Like rowers, treadmills provide a full-body workout that particularly emphasizes areas such as waste, upper thighs, and hips. Most of these models have a folding option for secure storage. Treadmills are readily available and will help you burn more than 500 calories per hour depending on the exact amount of some features such as weight, gender and fitness levels

While most treadmills do come with a cushioned deck to limit the impact to your knees, they tend to affect your joints more than rowing machines. Their maximum user weight capacity is also quite limited, which can be detrimental to some people. However, they are equipped with quite a few preset programs that both beginners and veterans can enjoy.

Which Is Better: Treadmill or Rowing Machine?

Type of Exercise

The exercises are classified into aerobic and anaerobic. Anaerobic exercise relies on repetition and does not target muscle building and increasing strength. Therefore the exercise is more intense and its meant to tone sculpt and increase strength in specific areas of the body.


A treadmill is the best for an aerobic workout for the common exercising machines. It gives way to running, and it is the most popular aerobic exercises exercise over time.


Rowing machine, on the other hand, offers both aerobic and anaerobic exercises at once. Sliding up and down with constant pulling of the handles is referred to as aerobic exercise. If you use the lighter machine for more extended periods, you are encouraging a high amount of aerobic exercise

Rowing machines use both body weight and resistance, therefore, making the exercise more aerobic workout. It helps to sculpt and tone your arms legs and back faster.

In this case, the treadmill is ideal if you are looking for a simple aerobic workout. However, the rowing machine can offer both forms of exercise at the same time


In workout, impact refers to the physical touch to your body. For instance, running places, impact on your feet, spine, legs; however, riding a bicycle does not have any impact since you are not touching the ground. Workout impacts are not adverse, however, if you have problems with your joints, or recovering from an injury they may cause pain, therefore it should not be an option in such cases


Treadmills involve working a running; this means you are putting more stress as well as weight on knees and feet

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines gears up and down the body while the handles keep moving. Therefore there is no impact involved.

Due to this case, rowing machines are preferable since there is no impact involved regardless of the intensity of the workout. Therefore you can use a rowing machine to burn fat and sculpt without worrying about the implications. On the contrary, there is no way you can avoid impact with treadmills even if you try to take things easy and slow

Final Verdict

The final decision about which machine you will choose between rowing vs. treadmills lies upon you. It is essential, therefore, to weigh the pros and cons before deciding. However, rowers slightly affordable than treadmills, if you are on a limited budget, this one suits you. Rowers also burn more calories however they have a low impact making them suitable for people with obesity and those suffering from arthritis

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