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Voice assistant technology has played a very important role today

  1. Protect your security with voice assistant technology

There has been a huge concern of data safety, thus, a lot of users are afraid that their data is being taken advantage by others. Understanding this worry, the newly released voice assistant named Mycroft Mark II has been devised as a solution. The unit will operate with the transparency in mind to provide users with the capability to view accurately how their information is processed. By this way, they are able to personalize the way by which the unit works to make sure that their demands are satisfied.

This voice assistant can be bought as either a developer kit or an availably built unit according to your preferences. This item will operate to help users customize in terms of voice assistant technology so that users will receive exactly what they are looking for.

  1. Fashion stylists with voice assistant technology

Poshmark has recently introduced to the public a new function named Stylist Match, which will allow shoppers to receive the instant support from Amazon Alexa.

After launching Poshmark on smart device, users have the ability to ask for stylist recommends according to their needs or trends. People who have already had Amazon Echo may be able to start the experience with the new feature by talking to the device: Alexa, ask Poshmark to help me. Poshmark customers will then be connected to a stylish who can give them useful advices by using the information taken from the user account. Today, both online and in-store experiences are being updated with virtual assistants to server customers better in an easier and more convenient way. So does Poshmark.

  1. Voice activated outlets

A lot of products designed for smart home on the current market are being adopted and this lovely intelligent Wallet Outlet with Wi-Fi connectivity aims to alter the concept. Designed to be similar to a hardwired outlet, this product can be launched in your living space in order to set up a connectivity instantly rather than utilizing any other devices. This outlet can be utilized with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which turns this device into a really ideal option for those looking for a solution based on voice commands. This outlet will provide users with the ability to set up different schedules based on their routines so that the cost of electricity bill will be reduced.

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