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Voice activation in entertainment

  1. TV streaming systems activated by voice

The media player called Nvidia Shield is a streaming system of 4K quality which is designed to come with voice command abilities from Google Home and the major purpose for this is to provide users with a more seamless experience.

First and foremost, this improved streaming system can be blended perfectly into your house so that it will not have any negative impact on your decoration of the room. The device sets itself apart from others due to its capability to enable a totally new experience for entertainment which can be done without the need for a physical management. Apart from playing video games or streaming such services as Netflix, the system is also able to learn voice commands. In other words, users can require it to play their favorite TV shows as well as controlling other connected devices such as a light of the room or the air conditioner.

  1. Entertainment controllers with voice activation

As you may have known, there are many home entertainment systems which are rather sophisticated to manage, yet this new item from Amazon Alexa after the collaboration with Logitech Harmony tends to make the task become easier than ever when it comes to controlling the viewing options at night. The controllers from Logitech Harmony is now capable of controlling the entertainment system of the house by using voice technology activated by the Amazon Alexa units.

The functions provided by these controllers are both simple and complicated. For instance, the device definitely can manage such basic tasks of one system such as switching the light either on or off, adjusting the volume or moving between different channels. In addition, users can even dim the light or move to the Movie Light request to transform their televisions into a move channel.

  1. Gaming controls activated by voice technology

Those who are using an Amazon Alexa connected device like the Amazon Echo may be very happy to witness the new generation of gaming activated by voice technology with Destiny 2 as well as its Amazon Alexa Skill.

More precisely, the Alexa Skill will provide users with a really smart friend named Ghost, which can be taken advantage to gain the gaming experience for users. They can utilize their own voice to request the friend to carry out numerous tasks such as wearing on various equipment pieces.

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