The best unlocked phones options of this year

When you are going to pick the best unlocked cell phones, you should consider whether it fits your lifestyle along with many other features including ease of use, improved feature sets and so on.

The phones which are ideal should provide unparalleled functionality, great cameras, long battery life, highly responsive display as well as the flexibility when opting for a carrier or plan. The best smart phone option for you would be the one with necessary features at a reasonable cost that you are able to afford. In this post, you are going to read the detailed review of a model from Google.

Google Pixel 3a Unlocked Cell Phone

The google Pixel 3a is a wonderful option, coming with one of the most powerful charging batteries on the current market and an effective pair of cameras, including a rear-facing one of 12.2 megapixels and a front-facing item of 8 megapixels, with the ability to capture HDR-quality photos as well as the Night Sight feature from Google, with the capability to capture photos during nighttime. If you hope to have a phone of bigger size, you can take into consideration the 3a XL model. This phone, which is available in both 64 Gigabytes and 128 Gigabytes, is fully equipped with Google Assistant. In other words, it will provide you with a lot of hands-free features such as automated call screening so that you can avoid telemarketers or scam calls.

What is more, Google has also improved this model with an ease of transferring users’ settings and contacts from the previous device with its Quick Switch adapter. In terms of performance, the phone comes in Android 9.0 version, a full HD display and free unrestricted cloud storage for images. It is compatible with all major carriers of the United States. However, there may be some problems if you use the phone in other regions of the world. In case you want to upgrade to a better version, you can take a look at the Google Pixel 4, which is a little bit more expensive but comes with the most updated features.

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