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The best keyboards for gaming of 2020

In overall, this is a product from a famous gaming companies, which is among the most durable gaming keyboards with good design and a wide range of customization abilities.

Rii RK100+ Gaming Keyboards

In general, the Rii RK100+ is a gaming keyboard with high performance coming with a membrane design that functions and works similar to a mechanical keyboard. It also offers a reasonable cost and ease of use.

The Rii RK100+ is among the most unique gaming keyboards that you can find on the marketplace. For beginners, the RK100+ is a membrane keyboard functioning like a mechanical keyboard with mechanical switches. This will enable it to become an affordable option without having to eliminate something. However, the users will not receive as much versatility with this keyboard because you will do with a true mechanical option. You are not capable of changing keycaps or switches, yet the entire design of the device is rather inconvenient in comparison with other options.

The Rii wired gaming keyboard comes with backlit keys that have various colors in a rainbow design. In spite of the fact that you are not able to personalize key colors, you are able to cycle the lights via different modes. All you need is just pressing a button switch between on, dimmed or off. There is no lag or latency occurring with the keyboard.

Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboards

The Razer Huntsman comes with an aluminum body, which turns it into a really durable option. The Razer Optical Switches make use of light-based actuation in order to register keystrokes, which is much quicker than conventional mechanical switches. In case you need to get more speed and responsiveness, the Huntsman would be an ideal choice for you.

With this Razer keyboard, you are also able to customize according to your preferences. More precisely, you can change keycaps, switch backlight colors for some keys you want and set up macros.

The Razer Huntsman also has onboard memory so that it is able to retain customized settings no matter where you are going to use it.


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