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What you should bear in mind when shopping for a high-tech toothbrush

Moreover, quadpacer timing is an indispensable element as it guarantees that you will never brush a section for too long while leaving other areas unbrushed, which would be a big issue for both adults and children. Quadpacer Quadpacer is the timer which will notify you every 30 second so that...
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What to consider when choosing an electronic toothbrush

More precisely, when it comes to electric toothbrushes, they are aimed at making the entire task of oral hygiene much easier to control and fit into your busy day while also providing the best result after every brushing. The reasons why you need to get an electric toothbrush With the...

Tips to choose the right electronic toothbrush for anyone

Finally, remember that the good amount of time for brushing is two minutes. If you brush too fast or too long, it’s no good. A time can help you track and make sure that you always hit the right time length. Mistakes that should be avoided when you are shopping...