Reasons behind High Prices of Dumbbells

Making a personal gym is not an easy task. The dumbbells can be way expensive to acquire. When making a home gym, the dumbbells can amount to more than half of the total expenses. The article will review the reasons why the dumbbells are expensive and look at alternative ways of solving the problem.

1. Dumbbells are Durable, Heavy, and Compatible.

They are not easy to make or handle, moving around and storing them is also a challenge. Dumbbells are durable to survive the velocity drop. The other is coated with rubber to reduce the drop noise and increase the drop capacity. Nobody plans of buying dumbbell twice; even the companies understand that therefore, people are prone to spending more amounts knowing that the equipment they are going to purchase will last for a lifetime. Due to this fact, the companies selling the machine will add an extra cost to the original price since they know the buyers will not protest as they will be buying the product once

2. Dumbbells Are Made of Steel

The material that makes the dumbbells are quite expensive depending on the country, the extra tax may apply. However, most dumbbells are made in China, and wages are smaller than those of other countries. Due to this reason shipping costs to other countries are very high. The weight of one dumbbell is approximately 200lbs; this is among the reasons why the shipping cost is high.

3. Increased Demand

Dumbbells have an increasingly high demand; this allows the manufacturers to keep the prices high. Everybody wants to change the way they look at give time in their lives. Therefore the first impulse is purchasing the fitness items. As most of the people may join the gym for regular jogging exercises, others opt to buy a set of dumbbells with a bench on the side. As a result of this, the price of acquiring dumbbells tends to increase relatively.

Alternative Options of Dumbbells

Despite the increased price of acquiring dumbbells, there are other ways that you can use to go around the gym with cheaper dumbbells. Here are the alternatives of dumbbells that you can still use to achieve the same goals as with dumbbells.

Reasons behind High Prices for Dumbbells

1.Making Your Dumbbells

If you are good at different tools and you have some empty canisters, metals, and cement around, you can make your set of dumbbells it is neither difficult nor time-consuming. You will reuse some of the things that could get rid of and end up with a unique set of dumbbells. The option, however, may not be fit for everybody, especially those living in apartments. Further, unless you devote more time making the dumbbells, you may end up with few pairs, and a whole body work out requires a set of 20 dumbbells.

2.Working With What You Have

The body muscles do not know the kind of equipment you are using, and they can see the weight plates. However, what the muscles know is the weight of the exercises and the tension provided. Having known this, you work with equipment that is relatively cheaper but allows muscle contractions that you may not have experienced for a long time.

3.Acquiring Adjustable Dumbbells

The ordinary dumbbells may not be wallet-friendly, and they may not be considered with your storage space either. Before you even think of buying the dumbbells think of the storage area. Therefore this brings the idea of adjustable dumbbells. The price of the dumbbells may be meager as compared to the whole set of physical dumbbells,   besides they can easily fit in the corner of a small room.

Adjustable dumbbells are essential in mitigating a variety of problems, instead of having a fixed amount of weight, at the end of the handle; adjustable dumbbells have mini plates that allow you to adjust the amount work involved in lifting. Others use a lever that slides to the top plate to secure the plate underneath with a plastic clasp. You can also adjust the weight by using pins which are more or machines at the gym that is like middle school combination rock that selects your resistance based on your level of choice.

Final Thoughts

As discussed above, fitness is everywhere. If you want to remain healthy with an athletic body, there are always ways that you can achieve that; dumbbells are only meant not an end of exercising. The primary thing that matters is how hard you want to work to meet your set goals. It may not be, but as we have seen, it is not complicated either.

It is also essential to remember that you can use kettlebell since it works similar way as dumbbells. However, the difference in their training methodologies. Right kettlebells may however not be cheap, but you can purchase one and use it before you can require the other.

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