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Improve the way you enjoy music with new technological ideas

Navigation apps with music

The collaboration between Spotify and Waze has resulted in a new technology to make the lifestyle become a little more interesting. These two applications can now be connected to work together. More precisely, Spotify is now able to direct you to different locations whereas Waze will let you enjoy your favorite playlists taken from the music platform. This collaboration between the two apps is really ideal that drivers will never have to change between two apps when driving, which is considered to be really risky and even illegal.

In conclusion, this partnership between Spotify and Waze is the pioneer of its kind and in the future, we are witnessing a lot of streaming services provided by other brands such as Apple Music and Pandora and so on.

Music platforms to be memorized

The social platform for music is able to motivate users to express that are the most meaningful according to their preferences. Under the name Soul Sence, this app is aimed to support both artists and fans when it comes to sharing the music taste in the lives as well as linking themselves to a bigger community of other users.

The app is also designed with digital series in the upcoming future. In terms of function, this innovative social app with music in mind will provide users with the ability to take their beloved songs and then chronicle those songs, express how important and memorable they are as well as interacting with other users to seek for friends with similar interests and preferences.

Apps to adjust and increase hearing experience

The Music application named TSC from the brand Ear Logic is designed with the main purpose of advance the hearing ability of users just by listening to the same song on a daily basis. Taking control of sound conditioning technology, this app will provide users with a lot of physical therapies for hearing.

To carry out this function, the app will test users for the first time basing on five major sound frequencies and then detect which frequency is the strongest and which one is the weakest. As soon as it can choose the worst key frequencies, the app will set up a personalized sound signal automatically to play at the bottom of the thresholds. Last but not least, it is also able to adjust the equalizer for music.

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