Technology applications

High technological platforms for health purposes

Apps to take control over epidemic

The Ministry of Health based in Brazil has recently introduced an innovative smart phone platform dubbed Guardians of Health, which is mainly created to keep track of the Zika virus as well as a lot of other epidemics that may occur and spread during the sports events.

As you may know, big sports events will lead to the status that a huge number of athletes and travelers coming to the country, which would be the major cause for diseases resulted from mosquitos. This is the reason why the platform comes into play. The app does not only have the ability to take control over the Zika virus but also allow data to be shared to other authorities to notify on time.

Telehealth platforms

The Health System named Bay Care, which is a health organization whose major purpose is to link people to both hospitals and clinical agents, has recently launched a totally new telehealth platform. This innovative platform is mainly created to make the process of medical consultations become more convenient than before for every patient to interact with the doctors directly with the Internet connection.

One highlighted feature of this platform is that it will not be limited in terms of time so you can enjoy the service at any hour during the day. This application is operated by a lot of physicians ranging from family doctors to experts.

In conclusion, this platform is aimed to support people and provide them with more approach in a more effective manner.

Dating platforms with fitness in mind

This dating platform named Lime is designed to have the ability to connect two people depending on how active they are. Therefore, it will make use of more information to match people together yet the most highlighted feature is its connection to the Health app offered on iPhone device. Similar to other dating platforms, Lime will need to link to your Facebook account in order to collect a lot of different interests. Nevertheless, it will also measure every step as well as heart rate during the last week to decide whether you are suitable for someone or not.

What is more, this Lime dating platform also makes use of location to matching. If two people are near to each other basing on distance, a Go request will turn up.

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