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Entertaining in a more innovative manner with technology

Oasis platforms acting as meditation methods

Feel Stress Free is the name of an innovative platform which is mainly designed to assist users taking more care of their mental health in a similar way compared to exercises done to keep a good overall health. Despite the fact that there have been a lot of different platforms designed recently with the focus on cognitive functions, this one is different from others as it is set based on a virtual island.

Among many tools included in the app, there is the feature called Mood Meter, which is utilized to take control over the mood of users during the day. Another feature named Thought Trainer is used to reframe negative ideas and Calm Breathing which is able to instruct users a simple method to bring a relaxation reaction inside the body. Thanks to this provision, users are also capable of delivering happy messages to others with the Bottle function.

Technological ideas for music

For those who find out that such music apps as Apple Music and Spotify do not totally satisfy their demands, Wolfgang’s Music may be what they are looking forward to using.

First and foremost, this app is considered to be the biggest collection of live recordings of the world, which will lead users to a setting similar to a real concert in which they are able to have approach to the app no matter where they are. What is more, this platform also displays for users to know exactly what a musician may sound at the highest peak, which will create a more nostalgic experience when listening to music.

Like other music platforms on the current market, this Wolfgang’s Music will provide users with the ability to customize their playlists according to their own preferences.

Backcountry condition platforms

There are a lot of people going to discover new routes as well as the outer environment surrounding them, thus new methods as this Mountain Hub platform are highly recommended.

First of all, this application was created for being utilized by those who love to go outdoor and explore new places such as going hiking, climbing, snowboarding, skiing and so on. Also, users are permitted to upload the data gathered on the way to express what they have experienced for other users to see, which is so convenient and interactive to attract others to join.

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